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MOAA Hilton Head Chapter
MOAA Hilton Head Chapter
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MOAA'S  Member  Services  Center
Probably, very few  of our Chapter Members are aware of the Member Services Center of National MOAA.  It was established in late 1998 to help National Members and spouses understand the vast array of legislative, benefits, and other Membership Issues available to them.  As outlined in the July 2015  Issue of the "Military Officer" Magazine, the following is a summary of that article.
In simple terms, the purpose of the Member Service Center (MSC) is to create a one-stop shopping center for members on such items as military benefits, congressional process of budget reconcilitation and the current state of a MOAA initive, explaining a complicated new regulation that affects fulfillment of medications through the TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery System, taking dues payments over the telephone,  providing advice on career transition,  Chapter activities, filing VA claims processing, and a variety of other topics.
"One of the most important roles of the MSC is serving as a conduit between the membership and association leadership.  Member feedback is incredibly important and influences MOAA'S legislative priorities and approach to revelant topics.  Every member who contacts MOAA with an opinion or for a piece of advice can rest assured that sentiment makes it past the MSC and gets fair consideration at the appropriate level."
MOAA Members can contact the Member Services Center by calling (800) 234-6622, emailing, or writing to MOAA MSC, 201 N. Washington St., Alexandria, VA 22314.
Veteran & Retiree Benefits - State By State Comparison
The November 2015 Issue of the "Military Officer" Magazine contained severak articles comparing the Veteran and Retiree Benefits of each State.  A summary of the Benefits offered by South Carolina compared to the other states is presented below.  For full details, one should read the article.
Exempt From State Taxation
Full Exemption: 23   Partial Exemption: 23    No Exemption: 5    South Carolina: Partial
     S.C.: Below age 65, up to $3,000 is exempt.  If 65 or older, up to $10,000 is exempt.
Exemption From Estate Taxes
Full Exemption: 35   Partial Exemption:  0    No Exemption: 16    South Carolina: Full
Exemption From Inheritance Taxes
Full Exemption: 45   Partial Exemption: 0    No Exemption: 6    South Carolina: Full
Veterans Preferenence
Full Preference: 26    Partial Preference: 0    No Preference: 25    South Carolina:  Full


MOAA Hilton Head Chapter
MOAA Hilton Head Chapter
MOAA Hilton Head Chapter
MOAA Hilton Head Chapter

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